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The ARCHI’Nature festival proposes to artistic teams to create a work on a chosen site in order to reveal its specific characteristics. In this way, they enhance our landscapes and invite us to reflect on our environment.

These artistic devices are then invitations and pretexts to rediscover our daily life, for a season.

All the partners involved in the ARCHI’Nature adventure are convinced that art and culture are precious sources of wealth for our territories as well as our society. Thus, they support this cultural initiative and more broadly the development of territorial projects in rural areas that promote artistic creation and active citizenship.

In order to create a dynamic around these artistic installations, the ARCHI’Nature festival team is involved in a mediation dynamic in order to create links between citizens, the environment and Art. Scientific, philosophical or creative openings will be brought here and there in the form of conferences, exhibitions or shows.

Discover Art...


… because creativity allows Man to innovate and to imagine what he will be tomorrow, to question himself about society but also to sublimate and enhance his living space…


The challenge of this festival is to create bridges through constructions or artistic and architectural creations that can promote the social link, mediation and discovery of the landscape.


Halfway between design, architecture and art, Archi Nature is inspired by the living world to design hybrid and diverse spaces such as: furniture, a kiosk, a totem, a gazebo or an agora, and much more…

festival ARCHI'Nature

Discover nature...



…rediscover the landscapes of our daily life or those forgotten and neglected to appreciate their value and exceptional quality.



The festival is based on the concept of biomimicry, a discipline that consists of imitating nature, drawing inspiration from the models and elements present in the biological world to apply them to other fields.

In other words, it is a question of being inspired by nature, its colors, its forms, its materials, its capacities or its functioning.



On the other hand, the festival wishes to engage in an eco-responsible approach by promoting the re-use and the local supply chains

To live together the territories !

The ambition of the ARCHI’Nature festival is to link territories and people…

For the first edition, the district of hauts de Chambéry and the territory of the lake of Aiguebelette, thus answered each other in echo thanks to this cultural red thread which mixes architecture, landscape and design.

In 2021, ARCHI’Nature will flirt with the Guiers River. From its source to its confluence, the chosen places will allow to tame its wild banks and will be a pretext for family walks. Historically a border river, this river will be the main thread of this new edition of ARCHI’Nature to unite two departments and make us wander from the Chartreuse to the plains of the Savoyard foreland. Undergrowth, clearings, aquatic meanders or breathtaking panoramas, come and discover unique landscapes.

In 2021, the city of Reguengos de Monsaraz also tries a first experiment. The competition has been launched … the work will be inaugurated during the month of August!

This artistic initiative is a pretext to discover or rediscover each other, to live together and to make society!

Artists, architects, residents, nature lovers or those who love your territory… Take part in this artistic discovery!

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  • Iseo

    3 sites for the ARCHI’Nature festival in Italia !


    Via Mirolte is one of the main streets in the historic centre of Iseo, one of the three medieval access points to the town. Characterized by the presence of delicatessen, small shops and gathering place, this street is included among the municipal projects for revitalizing the historic centre, in order to make it a place to meeting and sharing. The street is bordered by two historic buildings linked to the noble Oldofredi family: on one side the small church of Santa Maria del Mercato, formerly the family chapel, and on the opposite side the Castle Oldofredi.



    The Castle Oldofredi is a defensive structure dating back to the 13th century. Belonging to the feudal family of the same name, the building is now owned by the municipality and houses the Civic Hall (which also hosts weddings, conferences and concerts), the Library, the Museum of the Two Wars and the offices of some associations. The garden in front of it, which slopes down towards Via Mirolte, will be the site of the art installation of the Archi’Nature contest.


    An intimate and evocative square, which develops next to the ancient Palazzo dell’Arsenale. One of Iseo’s historic fountains, still in use today, still stands in the square. Here one of the art installations of the Archi’Nature contest can take shape.